California Academy of Sciences Gala

Party After Dark Speaker: A conversation with Daniela V. Fernandez

San Francisco - April 26

The Big Bang Gala is the Bay Area's most lively celebration, spotlighting scientific discoveries that lead to important global solutions.

This year’s gala will highlight the Academy’s critical work in the Galápagos Islands. Spanning more than 100 years, our relationship with the remote archipelago began in 1905 when eight Academy scientists embarked on a research expedition that would alter the course of Academy history.


United Nations 

Speaker: Convention on the Law of the Sea Meeting

New York, New York - March 29

The ocean plays a vital role as climate regulator and mitigator, and in turn climate change has interrelated and cumulative impacts on ocean biodiversity, including through ocean warming, acidification, deoxygenation, and changes in the amount of available food for ocean fauna. As such, aspects of the BBNJ process are linked to climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience.

This event will discuss these interlinkages and provide diverse perspectives from UN Member States, ocean researchers, youth, and indigenous peoples.


South by Southwest

Speaker: The State of our Ocean: Solving the Next Generation's Challenges

Austin, Texas - March 11

By cultivating the next generation of leaders and developing innovative solutions, Sustainable Ocean Alliance has developed a playbook that will influence the new wave of entrepreneurs and redefine the relationship between emerging technologies and climate action.


Ocean Day at Davos

Master of Ceremonies
Davos, Switzerland January 24

Ocean Day will feature a series of 45-minute conversations hosted by Friends of Ocean Action. These interactive interviews will feature key Ocean champions, experts, advocates, and private sector leaders, who will highlight what is needed to progress Ocean and climate action.


Our Ocean Conference - Bali

SPEAKER: Closing Keynote
Bali, Indonesia- October 29-30, 2018

Our Ocean conferences focus on the key ocean issues of our time – marine protected areas, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, and climate-related impacts on the ocean.

The conferences are visually engaging, inspiring, and interactive events with an unwavering emphasis on commitments for action by participants and other stakeholders around the globe.  Through these conferences, we strive to inspire the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and civil society to identify solutions and commit to actions to protect and conserve our ocean and its resources.

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Global Climate Summit

SPEAKER:  The Ocean-Climate Challenge
San Francisco - September 14, 2018

The Global Climate Action Summit will bring leaders and people together from around the world to “Take Ambition to the Next Level.” It will be a moment to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of states, regions, cities, companies, investors, and citizens with respect to climate action. It will also be a launchpad for deeper worldwide commitments and accelerated action from countries—supported by all sectors of society—that can put the globe on track to prevent dangerous climate change and realize the historic Paris Agreement.


Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy

SPEAKER:  Cities4Climate: The Future is Us
San Francisco - September 12, 2018

Hosted by C40 and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, Cities4Climate: The Future is Us will bring together mayors, business leaders, changemakers, entrepreneurs and climate experts from around the world to showcase the innovative ways cities are cleaning the air we breathe and building healthier, more resilient communities.This event will serve as a kickoff to the Global Climate Action Summit, a major gathering of non-state actors who are committed to ushering in a new era of decarbonization and prosperity.


World Oceans Week

PANEL:  Ocean Entrepreneurship
New York City - June 4, 2018

In concert with the UN Ocean Conference & World Oceans Day, The Explorers Club is proud to present World Oceans Week, five days of extraordinary ocean-related programs. Under the orienting force of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14 - conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development - World Oceans Week will bring together experts from multiple disciplines, along with authoritative oceanic institutions to imagine a better future for the oceans and the world that relies on it.


Opening Oceans

PANEL: The role of society and the sustainable ocean alliance
Copenhagen- May 2, 2018

Opening Oceans is a new initiative from Nor-Shipping to help maritime and ocean industry players realize the unique business potential of the ocean space. This is a crucial event for all business leaders to understand the potential of the markets, the innovation required and the strategic alliances and investment that exist.

Collision Conference

PANEL:  How to build a modern environmental movement
New Orleans- May 1, 2018

The world’s leading startups, business giants, innovators and influencers will showcase solutions to our planet’s most pressing problems including climate change and pollution. Sessions will examine the economic and social opportunities stemming from sustainability and green tech and set the agenda for future action


Green Business Summit

PANEL:  Blue Economy
Abu Dhabi- April 17, 2018

This event will convene business leaders, policymakers, scientists, academics, and investors, to offer them concrete strategies and ideas to help them to prepare for the future, and scale up their efforts towards ensuring sustainability. How can regional policymakers apply lessons learnt  across the globe to their country’s sustainability plans? What must business leaders do to scale up action from responsibility to leadership? What role does the financial industry have to play in encouraging green investment?


The Economist World Ocean Summit

PANEL: Spotlight on science, big data, machine learning and the science of being understood
Mexico- March 7, 2018

The World Ocean Summit, the most diverse and important global gathering on the ocean, will bring together political leaders and policymakers, heads of global business, scientists, NGOs and multilaterals for a frank and future-oriented discussion on how to turn these pledges into reality

How Gen Z is Changing the World

PANEL: How Gen Z Thrives
San Francisco- December 7, 2017

Orange Fab hosted a one-day intensive workshop on the latest insights and strategies for successfully engaging the next generation of entrepreneurs and creatives: GenZ. Driving digital transformation for your Fortune 1000 company so it can keep up with disruptive Unicorns built by--and for--Millennials is already a challenge. Now, it’s quite likely those Millennial-built companies will make adjustments to GenZ preferences, making them easier and faster than legacy brands.


Net Impact Conference

PANEL: Next Generation Philanthropy
Atlanta - October 26, 2017

The 2017 Net Impact Conference brought together the brightest, most enthusiastic, and innovative impact leaders from around the world. With specific paths mapped out for students, new graduates, emerging leaders, and those changing careers, all attendees left with their own map of their path to purpose.

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Our Ocean Conference

PLENARY ADDRESS: Announcing the SOA Ocean Accelerator
Malta - October 7th, 2017

The European Union hosted the fourth high-level Our Ocean conference in Malta on 5 and 6 October 2017. In the spirit of the successful 2014, 2015 and 2016 editions, the conference aims to inspire and empower a new generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and civil society to identify solutions and commit to actions for safe, secure, clean and sustainably managed oceans.


CPS Administrators Summit

Chicago, IL - August 25th, 2017

The Chicago Public Schools Administrator's Summit brought together over 2,000 administrators and principals to discuss the future of the institution. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanual was one of the featured speakers.


Sustainable Brands Conference

PANEL: Nurturing the next generation of purposeful leadership
Detroit, Michigan - May 23rd, 2017

Sustainable Brands is home to the premier global community of brand leaders who are tapping environmental and social purpose to drive innovation and deliver new business and brand value. The Conference had over 2,000 attendees, including directors of large corporations, professors, non-profits, and more.


Blue Vision Summit

Washington, DC - May 9, 2017

The Blue Vision Summit's biannual ocean conference brought conservationists, activists, policymakers, and scientists together to discuss the future of the ocean.


The Economist World Ocean Summit

PANEL: Investing power of millennials
Bali, Indonesia - February 24, 2017

The fourth World Ocean Summit brought a critical eye to the vital issue of how to finance a sustainable ocean economy, also known as a “blue economy.”


Chicago Scholars Onsite

Chicago, Illinois - October 25, 2016

Chicago Scholars is a transforming group allowing for the success for academically driven, first-generation college students from under-resourced communities. At the Onsite, over 150 universities and the Chicago Scholars Class of 2021 met.


Nexus Global Youth Summit

PANEL: Protecting our Oceans + Coral Reefs
New York, New York - July 21, 2016

Nexus brings together young investors, social entrepreneurs, and allies to catalyze new leadership and accelerate global solutions. The panel entitled “Protecting our Oceans + Coral Reefs,” explored the current state of the oceans and steps we can take to mitigate the damage with Stephanie Wear (Lead Scientist for Coral Reef Restoration, The Nature Conservancy), Andy Hudson (Head, Water and Ocean Governance Programme at UNDP), and Denielle Sachs (Executive Director, The Blue Sphere Foundation).


Capitol Hill Ocean Week

Washington, DC - June 9, 2016

CHOW is the nation’s premier annual conference examining current marine, coastal, and Great Lakes policy issues. In 2016, CHOW had over 600 attendees and 4,700 online viewers from around the globe.


Peter Benchley Ocean Awards

Award Acceptance Speech & Panel: The Ocean and the Election.”
Monterey, California - May 20, 2016

The Benchley Blue Ideas Dialogues included past and present Benchley Award Winners who gathered to engage in a series of one-on-one dialogues about some of the most promising new ideas in ocean conservation.


WE Day

Chicago, Illinois - April 18, 2016

WE Day hosts a powerful series of educational events that combines the energy of a live concert with the inspiration of extraordinary stories of leadership and change. More than 200,000 students from coast to coast and around the world, from over 10,000 schools earn their tickets to WE Day through the yearlong WE Schools program.